Fashion | 13th April 2017

Top 5: Stripe Shirts


This bold stripe shirt really makes a statement with it's oversized fit and wide sleeves.  I've unbuttoned mine quite low to show off my new hint of tan from laying out in the garden last weekend and then layered some of my favourite gold necklaces.  The shirt is quite long but I've gone for the tucked in look and paired with some white jeans.

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Rails light blue stripe shirt


When it comes to shirts one of my favourite brands is Rails. If you follow me on Instagram then you might have seen my Rails haul on my stories earlier on this week, my enthusiasm is all real.  Their classic Tencel shirts are the softest things you could ever dream of, but they also have a linen collection which just begs for a deserted island style photoshoot serious vacay vibes) and finally their silk collection...O. M. Geeeee!

I found it pretty tough to choose which stripe shirt to pick from them as, quite frankly, I want them all.  But I finally settled on this pale blue stripe shirt which I would deem a real classic and something which you can whip out year after year.  It's one of their Tencel shirts and I think if you're making a first Rails purchase it has to be one of those, I guarantee you'll never look back.  Yes their price points are slightly higher than your average but in my opinion a Rails shirt is totally worth it.

3 Lovers + Friends

I wanted to add a shirt with a design element to the mix so I picked this off the shoulder shirt by Lovers + Friends.  Again you will have seen this on my Insta story haul because I actually have this shirt and it is just amazing.  Tucked into a pair of great fitting jeans this shirt flashes some shoulder flesh, and who doesn't love tanned shoulders right? It has a button detail at the top of the sleeves and the origami style fold on the front really makes this shirt stand out.

4 Pull & Bear

I would be shocked if a blue or white stripe shirt was not your thing but of course we're heading into Summer so most of us (yes, including me) want to inject a little colour into our wardrobes so this pink & white stripe shirt hits no.4 on the list.  I've really grown to love Pull & Bear's summer collections over the last couple of years and of course being part of the same company as Zara it's got that high street price tag #winning Again as with most stipe shirts, and shirts in general, I would unbutton low, layer some necklaces and tuck into some awesome jeans, maybe all up the sleeves and you're good to go.


I feel like Gap invented the stripe shirt (there's probably no truth to that at all) because if I think of how to style a stripe shirt, a number of Gap billboards and commercials flash through my mind.  It's the all-American, wholesome, preppy brand which does a stripe shirt oh so well.  You've always got options when it comes to Gap and of course you have quality too.  I've gone for the classic boyfriend fit stripe shirt.  It's oversized, it's meant to be like putting on your man's shirt, you can wear it tucked into jeans, unbuttoned and over a vest or basic tee, tied at the waist (as shown here), back to front if you want to be all 'Fashion Weeky'...my point is, this shirt is as versatile as they come from a brand that we all love and trust.

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