Meet Emma




I created this blog (formerly named EJ Style) back in October of 2008, although back then it looked very different.  I worked full time as a retail manager and just felt that I needed a creative outlet where I could express my style and my opinions on Fashion among other things.  This blog has always been my voice, my little corner of the internet where I can share, inspire and connect with people all over the world.  In August 2013 I left my job in retail to pursue turning the blog into a fully fledged business.  I feel very fortunate to have had so many incredible experiences and opportunities over the last 10 years, from travelling around the world to working with so many of my favourite brands and now running a successful business with my husband...

Meet Simon




Simon, aka ‘Employee of the Month’ and my husband, left his full time job in the public sector to become an equal partner of the business in June 2017.  Since then we have been able to expand our content to YouTube and grow a Channel of over 187K subscribers amassing over 15 million views across our videos.  In turn this grew our global audience across our other social channels such as Instagram and also our readership of the blog by 62% in the space of 18 months, and still climbing.  Simon is responsible for the photography, videography and editing (among other things) that you see throughout our content and he is self taught in using a whole range of professional equipment from DSLR’s to drones and video/photo editing software.

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