Fashion | 4th February 2013

REVIEW: QVC Nail Products

Ok so I’m doing a review for a few nail products I’ve been sent from QVC.  My mum will be very excited as she is addicted to QVC and like me…loves a good nail varnish.  The products I’ve been sent to test are OPI  Nail Lacquer in ‘Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous’ (LOVE this shade!), Nails Inc Polish in ‘Wellington Square’ (perfect summer shade) and Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.
Nails Inc ‘Wellington Square’
I am a huge lover of Nails Inc, their colours are always spot on for seasonal trends and as a Londoner I love the names each shade is given.  ‘Wellington Square’ couldn’t be more perfect for Summer, it’s the most gorgeous bright peach colour and would look fab with a tan or on darker skin tones.  I’ll be wearing this on my tootsies all summer for sure! I started off using a base coat as my nails are never in great condition because of my love of sticking inanimate objects on them, so I always use Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Instant Nail Hardener, it’s clear and dries super-fast.  As with most nails Inc shade this one did require 2 coats.  You could get away with 1 coat if you’re in a rush but it can look a bit patchy in places, I always think one more coat for good luck is best.  Drying time is about 5 mins per coat, so it’s not speed-dry but it’s certainly much faster than the likes of other polishes and it’s definitely worth it for the glossy finish that comes with a Nails Inc shade.  Take a look and see what you think, overall I would certainly recommend Nails Inc polishes and this shade is a real winner for Summer.  Check out all the Nails Inc products QVC has to offer here (I LOVE Them all, ahhhhhhh)!

OPI ‘Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous’

You get what you pay for with OPI.  The bottles are 15ml, unless you buy from the mini range, so they go a long way.  This shade could quite possible e be a favourite of mine.  Ever since the black polish trend exploded onto our nails about 9 years ago I’ve been experimenting with silvers grays and metallics to find something I love just as much as stark black nail.  I’ve found several shades that I like the effect of but this OPI shade is a real contender for the ‘new black’ position.  The shade is more of a charcoal black with a metallic finish so when it’s on your nails it looks like dark steel metal.  Again I used my trusty Sally Hansen base coat and applied 2 coats of this colour, I’d say you could probably apply a 3rd if you wanted it to be super-opaque but 2 definitely does the trick here.  As you can see from the picture, the colour and sheen is really eye-catching and for me is a staple colour to have all year round.  I’d apply a top coat like the one I have reviewed below for a no-chips finish as I find OPI isn’t as chip-proof as other brands.  View all OPI products available at QVC here.

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

I’m always testing out different top coats.  It’s hard to find the perfect match, you need a glossy finish, speedy dry time and a chip-resistancy to knock out all others.  This dry fast top coat by Seche Vite certainly has the glossy finish and the super-fast drying time (I think about 30 seconds and my nails were dry to touch!) but over the next week I will really be putting the chip-resistancy to the test.  As I work in retail I have a very hands-on job so chips are always an issue, I normally need a daily chip repair by lunch time on whatever polish I’m wearing.  So far so good with this one but time will tell.  This one has been awarded the InStyle ‘Best Beauty Buy’ award in 2012 too so it must be something to shout about.  When applying it didn’t smudge my freshly applied polish underneath and it is the only one on the market today which uses a special formula allowing it to penetrate through the nail polish to the base, so it forms one solid coating which is far more durable than any other.  Thumbs up from me folks!  See the Seche Vite collection available on QVC here.

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