Fashion | 19th February 2013

New York Fashion Week AW13

Sorry this is a bit late as we’re already on the last day of London Fashion Week but time has been my enemy!  Obviously I didn’t attend New York Fashion Week, although it would be great to get to that stage of blogging where I am invited (hint, hint).  So for now all reviews come from the comfort of my own front room, and it least it wasn’t snowing in there so every cloud n’ all.

I‘ve embedded some videos here of my ultimate favourite collections and I’d really suggest watching them because you get an idea of how the fabric moves and you see more detail that in the flat straight shots from the press at the end of the runway.  Victoria Beckham was my heroine of NYFW, not only has she yet to ‘get it wrong’ in one of her shows but she’s British, and that instantly makes her top-fashion-dog in my books.  I’d love to see her make the move to London Fashion Week as that is where she rightly belongs but for now lets let her soak up the glory in NYC, after all her collections will be amazing wherever she chooses to host them.  As with all past VB shows, the fabrics she chooses are simple and elegant to suit the design of each piece.  There was a neutral colour pallet very much suited for the Autumn/Winter season but with pops of electric blue and acid yellow.  VB is minimalism at it’s best.

Another of my faves was Marc by Marc Jacobs (video below).  The return of 70’s chic was at large at this show.  The hair, oh the hair and of course the clothes!  High neck retro print dresses, high waisted trousers and a-line skirts, structured leather box bags, satin suits and a bulk load of red lippy made it’s way down the runway.  I will be rocking this look big time for AW13!  I can’t wait to see what MJ has in store for Louis Vuitton at Paris in just over a weeks time.

The colour, the textures and those visor-style sunglasses swooned me over at Michael Kors.  As you all know electric blue is my ‘go to’ colour and this collection was full of it, combined with some hardcore PVC elements and blue camouflage? Yes, blue camouflage!  It shouldn’t work…but it really does!  Slick hair in a straightened pony tail was the key beauty trend and a pair of uber-cool sunnies are a must, even in winter.

Diesel Black Gold was another winner for me.  Any collection involving leather and studs is always going to get my vote and normally Balmain rules the roost when it comes to these two.  Obviously Balmain hasn’t shown yet but for at least a couple of weeks Diesel Black Gold is heading the biker chic trend.  Check out those fully studded leather trousers, they must weigh an absolute tonne but think of the workout your legs would get from baring that weight!

And here’s a little photo montage of what to brace yourselves for in the way of shoes, boots and accessories for AW13.

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