Beauty | 16th March 2014

NAILS: George at Asda Gel Pro Polish


So it seems that every cosmetics brand under the sun have created a Gel collection and I’m more than happy to keep testing them all ūüôā ¬†I’ve tried out this Gel Pro range from George at Asda which retail at ¬£3 per bottle. ¬†I’ve swatched 4 colours here (the ones I thought most appropriate for this season) however there are 15 colours (including a clear top coat) to choose from. ¬†Price-wise ¬£3 is pretty darn good, but does that mean a compromise on quality? ¬†Not really in this case. ¬†There are a few bug bears I have with some of the colours and I wish that there had been some more ‘Spring/ Summer Trend’ colours added into the collection (i.e. a lilac, a grey, a white) but all round it’s a good polish.
First of all we have ‘Classic Pink’ which actually is more of a bright coral. ¬†The colour is great, it looks pretty opaque even just one coat (although I did add a second just to be safe). ¬†The glossy finish is certainly more adequate than their standard polishes but the drying time isn’t as swift as some others like the Collection range. ¬†My problem with this colour is that it did require hefty amount so f polish remover and effort to get rid of the staining that it left on my nails and fingers but sometimes you do get this with this kind of colour.
Next up is ‘Pink’ which is a very girlie candyfloss pink and again I did 2 coats of this, but no staining or issues with removal one this one so thumbs up to that!
The nude colour in this range is ‘Beige’ and I did actually add 3 coats of this one to really get that opaque, non-streaky block nude shade and I hope you’ll agree, it’s gorgeous! ¬†It’s so subtle yet with a super high gloss, perfect for everyday wear especially if you work in an office (where no crazy nails are allowed, Boooo!).
Lastly, you can never have too many red polishes so I tried out ‘Red’ (C’mon Asda please be more creative with your names). ¬†Now this one was really, really impressive. ¬†I got the desired colour and gloss from just one coat, yup, one coat! ¬†I thought I may have issues with staining like with the ‘Classic Pink’ shade but no issues there. ¬†I kept this one on for a few days because I loved it so much and I even put it on my toes. ¬†4 days ahead and zero chippage and still super glossy! ¬†This one would be my absolute must-have if you feel tempted to try one out. ¬†For ¬£3 I really would say that these polishes are pretty good, perhaps not great for morning applications as the drying time isn’t the fastest but certainly a thumbs up from me on gloss and durability.




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