Fashion | 23rd March 2016

Must Have Chanel Slingbacks

Yes ok so they’re 2 seasons old now but I HAD to have them.  These must have (well, in my eyes) Chanel slingbacks are like Marmite, you either love them or hate them.  In all honesty if you’d have shown me these a couple of years ago I would have definitely given them the thumbs down, however the power of the Fashion industry has worked it’s magic on me once more.  Every influencer/blogger (of the street style variety) under the sun has these shoes and maybe that’s why I wanted them so badly, plus the fact that for love nor money I couldn’t get my hands on them.  I wanted the beige leather with black toe cap, these bad boys were the original colour way to emerge from the Chanel runway, but they are 2 seasons old so proved to be impossible to get.  You may have seen on Snapchat (ejstyle) a few months ago that I found them in both pale pink pair and black which I was trying on in Chanel in Selfridges, well that only added fuel to this burning fire of desire for these rather grandma-esque shoes.  So hell bent on this particular colour-way I ended up buying a completely different pair of shoes (from this post) just because they were beige and black, but after a few weeks the novelty of this new purchase wore off and I still found myself longing for my original loves.  I went on the hunt once more, but yet again all of my efforts were to no avail.  I left my details with every Chanel store/concession in London in the hope that maybe, just maybe they would receive a rogue pair in a delivery.  Weeks went by but other than one failed sales attempt from the Bond Street store: “Hello Miss Hill, we have just received the slingbacks in white, the new Spring/Summer colour and thought you would love them!”  (errrrr no!!!), I heard no word.  I found a few pairs on Vestiare but they were selling for upwards of £1000 and they only retail for £430 so I was adamant I wouldn’t be paying over the retail price for what are essentially ‘past-season’ shoes.  As I’m a pro at sniffing out dupes I found these, identical…all but for those two interlocking C’s, the most minute metal logo which makes these shoes worth a good £350 more.  In this scenario a dupe just wouldn’t do and so I waited.  I pretty much reached the stage where I’d lost hope, already planning what to buy next with my ‘slingback fund’ , when the phone rang.  One random pair, flown in by the Chanel fairy (I envisage a mini flying Karl/Tinkerbell hybrid), which now had my name on them.  Finally they’re mine…and I give them approx. 3 weeks until I’m totally over them but now, it’s true love!

Despite the fact that my feet are in desperate need of a pedicure, I couldn’t help but wear them last week, so here they are in all their glory.  I went for a pretty casual look, teaming them with some ripped boyfriend jeans and this stripe jumper layered over a basic white shirt.  And of course it appears whenever I wear stripes I instinctively opt for my red Saint Laurent tote bag.


Jumper – Boohoo
Shirt – Zara (Similar here)
Jeans – Levis (Also similar here)
Bag – Saint Laurent (Dupe here)
Shoes – Chanel (Dupes here and here)
Sunglasses – River Island

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