Outfits | 12th September 2014

F&F East


If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter then you might remember a few weeks back I went on a shoot with F&F in Shoreditch.  Today I finally get to share with you the pictures from the shoot and urge you to vote EAST!  F&F created a campaign ‘East vs. West’ and you guessed it, it’s the battle of East London style against West London style.  The two are completely different but as I’m an East London girl it’s my duty to show you East in all it’s glory!

Right guys this where I need to recruit your help in the battle of East vs. West!  Plus there’s a chance for you, yes you, to win a £50 voucher (errrr hello!).  Across social media there is a campaign to vote for the style you like the best, so visit my Twitter account to see details on how to tweet to vote! East London needs YOU!

F&F_FashionWeek_EastVsWest_E_03-1 FINAL

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