Fashion | 29th August 2018

Falling Back In Love With Creating

I don't know whether it was the trip to Turkey or just a new season that's approaching but I've started to fall in love with creating again.  Some of you may have watched my rather awkward video on YouTube in which I admitted to not actually being ok, in terms of my mental health and unfortunately these feelings had a knock-on effect to my work.  I've been doing this a fair old while, over 10 years and although it hasn't always been my career the pressure to constantly create has always been something I've struggled with.  But at the same time 'creating' is something I need to do, both for my careers' sake and my mind.  I've always been creative, even at school I was far more interested in the creative subjects rather than the academic ones and when I started blogging it was probably the most constructive way for me to express my creativity.  Along with lots of other issues going on in my head, non-blogging related, the pressures and some of the slightly more negative sides to this career started to weigh me down and in turn I lost my creative 'mojo'.  In these instances people always say things like 'take it easy' or 'take a break' and yes, taking a break sometimes is good, and also necessary but by not creating I felt even worse because I felt like I'd lost a huge part of myself.  Some of you commented on many of my Turkey posts in Instagram saying I should be resting, not taking photographs and I totally get where you're coming from but actually, wandering around taking pictures and editing them etc made me feel happy and a little bit more whole again.  

No doubt this is something that most, if not all people in this industry suffer from time to time but for me it was important to take myself away from the community aspect of this job and focus on my own shit and fall back in love with creating my content again.  Work on the new and improved site has started this week and I'm really excited about it.  For me it's kind of like a fresh slate.  I'm re-branding for a start, it's time to say goodbye to EJ Style and hello to Emma Hill, because hey, that's me 😉  The design of this new site started back in April this year and there have been lots of discussions, brainstorming sessions and changes over the last few months but I'm really happy with what the site will look like and how it will function and I hope you guys will love it as much as I do.  Emma Hill, the site, should be up and running in a few weeks, so stay tuned!

Outfit Details

Blazer - Maje (at Bicester Village, similar alternative here)

T-Shirt - Re/Done (Affordable alternative here)

Jeans - Re/Done (Affordable alternative here)

Cross Necklace - Cinco

Square Necklace - Cinco

Watch - Cartier

Bracelet - Pilgrim

Gold Rings - Pilgrim

Sunglasses - Celine via World Duty Free (Affordable alternatives here)

Bag - Zara (Similar here and here)

Shoes - Zara (Old but alternatives here and here)

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