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25 Scented Candles For the Festive Season

The festive season is here and I don't know about you guys but I love to have the scents of Christmas filling our house.  I'll take anything from sweet smelling vanillas to woody ouds.  As a pet owner one my my obsessions and home must-haves is scented candles, and I have my nose well trained for sniffing out some good'uns.  I have a stock pile of different candles under our kitchen sink, some very generously sent by brands and some which I just collect as I'm out and about.  I often tend to have about 3 different scented candles burning at one time throughout the house, because as I move from room to room I love to smell a different scent.  I'll place one in the lounge on the coffee table, as it's quite a large space this is the best position for it to fill the room evenly, or at least that's my thought process behind it.  I put one downstairs in the kitchen so it eradicates any whiffs of something I might have attempted to cook (probably chicken nuggets...burnt).  Lastly I'll have one upstairs in the bedroom and this usually tends to fill the entire top level of the house, so when we go to bed it smells heavenly.  As you can imagine, I get through quite a few candles so I am quite savvy with budget, but I do also splurge on what I like to call a 'posh' candle from time to time.

As an ode to the festive season I've compiled a list of 25 of my favourite festive scented candles, and there should be a few options in this list for all budgets.  Now, if there are any I've missed or any you'd like to recommend then please do let me know down in the comments section at the bottom of the post...help a candle lover out eh, because no one wants scented candle FOMO (yes, that's an actual thing).


Under £15.00


Home Bargains

Several scents
Burn Time: Up to 95hrs

If you're on a super tight budget then I couldn't recommend these enough.  Although credit must go to my mum who hunted them out a couple of years ago and we've both been buying them ever since.  Every season Home Bargains come out with a range of scented jar candles to suit the season.  By far my favourite scents are the festive/Autumn/winter scents; Gingerbread, Warm Apple & Cinnamon and Mulled Pear & Cranberry.  These are large jars (similar to Yankee Candles) and last for absolutely ages.  From experience they burn evenly (so long as you trim the wick after each use) and their scents are delicious if you love the sweet scents of Christmas.  As these are budget candles you shouldn't burn them for any longer than 4 hours at one time as the wax isn't of the same quality as a more expensive candle and the fumes can cause headaches in some people, if this happens then don't continue to burn them.



Burn Time: Up to 36hrs



Mistletoe & Fir
Burn Time: Up to 36hrs



Mint Chocolate
Burn Time: Up to 40hrs



Warm Amber & Fig
Burn Time: Up to 35hrs


John Lewis

Winter Spice
Burn Time: Up to 25hrs

No.7, 8 & 9


Pine, Cedar & Eucalyptus | £7.00 | Burn Time: Up to 65hrs
Gingerbread | £8.00 | Burn Time: Up to 55hrs
Country Cabin | £8.00 | Burn Time: Up to 35hrs

The home fragrance range from Next is one of my favourites on the high street, they always have lots of choice and they're very affordable.  Out of all their Festive scents this year these 3 are my faves. Pine, Cedar & Eucalyptus is fresh and if you don't have a real Christmas tree then this is perfect for giving the illusion that you do.  Gingerbread is sweet without being overpowering, but make sure you have some gingerbread men in the house as it will leave you craving one.  Country Cabin has a slight sweet twist to it and it reminds me of sitting in front of a log fire toasting marshmallows, cuddled up in a blanket.

Under £50.00



Burn Time: Up to 50hrs



Christmas Wish
Burn Time: Up to 50hrs


& Other Stories

Poeme Sulfureux
Burn Time: Up to 45hrs


Molton Brown

Fabled Juniper Berries & Lapp Pine
Burn Time: Up to 35hrs



Joyful Glow
Burn Time: Up to 40hrs

I always have a stockpile of Elemis candles for the bathroom, they are my go-to for when I'm having a pampering session and Joyful Glow is perfect for adding a festive feel to my relaxation time.  I light this an hour before getting in the bath so the scent fills the room.

My Favourite Festive Yankees


Yankee Candle

Jack Frost
Burn Time: Up to 150hrs


Yankee Candle

Holiday Shimmer
Burn Time: Up to 150hrs


Yankee Candle

Cinnamon Stick
Burn Time: Up to 150hrs

Under £100.00


The White Company

Orange Rind
Burn Time: Up to 70hrs

It's difficult to choose my favourite White Company home fragrance because they have so many I love but for the festive season I tend to stick to 2, 'Winter' and 'Orange Rind'.  Their candles come in a few different sizes and therefore a few different pieces so depending on how much you want to spend there's an option for you.  I currently have the large (3 wick) Orange Rind candle in our bedroom and I love the fresh but sweet citrus scent that I end up drifting off to as it lingers in the air.


Jo Loves

Salted Caramel
Burn Time: Up to 40hrs



Highland Berry
Burn Time: Up to 4ohrs



Feu De Bois 300g
Burn Time: Up to 90hrs



Burn Time: Up to 60hrs

Over £100.00


Jo Malone

White Moss & Snowdrop
Burn Time: Up to 90hrs


The White Company

Winter Indulgence
Burn Time: Up to 230hrs



Fireside Memories
Burn Time: Up to 80hrs

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