Fashion | 25th October 2012

Zara Love Affair

My love afair with Zara continues here.  I don’t know if any of you guys upload to Zara People! but I do, what with the 300EURO prize at stake (I’ll only spend it all at Zara anyway!).  This picture at the top is the latest look I’ve uploaded to the site…fingers crossed!  A few of you might have seen my instagram picture of this necklace which I bought from the Primark at Lakeside shopping centre in Essex.  It is from the Limited edition range so if you can get your hands on one then buy it there and then because they’re selling fast.

Coat – Zara (Current).     Jumpsuit – Zara (Current).     Shoes – Zara (Current).
Necklace – Primark (Current, Ltd. Edition).     Bag – Zara (Current).
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