Fashion | 11th October 2012

Winter In Colour

Mornin’ all!  Today I am obsessed with all things cold and wintery!  Whilst rummaging through my PJ drawer last night all I could see was an abundance of t-shirts and silky nighties…this must mean only one thing!  It’s time for my annual trip to Primark to buy a new cosy dressing gown (which are generally made from the thickest fleece imaginable and often sport some kind of baby animal motif) and stock pile fleecy PJ’s.  You all know the ones of which I speak, they come in a pack with a ribbon tied around them, and they’re made entirely of fleece, this often tends to be the best £4 I ever spend!
Winter coats are fast filling up the rails on the high street now and I have never been so spoilt for choice.  So far this year I have my leather sleeved/wool body number from Zara, a slouchy pea coat in navy wool from Primark and this one pictured which is from M&S.  It’s Italian wool and the colour is just gorgeous, after all we all need a bit of colour in the winter.  It’s got a real Jill Sander/Celine sporty vibe about it too.  It’s actually part of their mid season sale at the moment so you can save 30% off and they have some great designs…never underestimate M&S guys, they have superpowers!

Coat – Marks & Specner (Current).      Trousers – H&M (Current).     T-Shirt – ASOS (Current).
Necklace – H&M (Current).     Shoes – Zara (Current).     Bag – eBay.
Hounds tooth nail water transfers from eBay
Black varnish – 2True
White Varnish – Boots No7
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