Fashion | 19th October 2011

We’re Talkin’ Studs

Studded items in my wardrobe

Studs, studs and more studs, I can’t get enough of em’!  From Christian Louboutin’s studded ‘Ariella’ Boots (which I proudly own!) to Burberry’s dome studded trench coats (which unfortunately I do not own, boooo!), all the designers are using them.  The highstreet is great and more cost effective at using studs too, but then there’s that unfortunate fashion faux pas when everyone ends up with the same thing.  A prime example being Topshop’s Loubou knock-off studded loafers which I got on the day of release and thought I was the dogs bollocks in them, then four months later….who hasn’t got them?!  Don’t get me wrong, I still adore them but it takes that special edge off them when you see about 30 pairs all walking down Oxford Street.  The key to avoiding this is customising!  You can buy studs off eBay or from a haberdashery for pennies these days so go stock up and get studding!
A huge trend sweeping the Bloggerspshere right now is studded collars.  We’re all bloody at it, but each one is unique.  There are loads of different studs you can buy, dome studs, pyramid studs, spike studs, skull studs and even coloured studs so you can be really experimental with what you want to create.  I have so many plain Primark shirts in my wardrobe, which probably cost no more than £3 each and they are great for customising.  I’ve done a couple here for you all to see how quick, easy and effective it is.  I have a few projects in mind but need to stock up on more studs first so in the mean time, hope you like these……x

STEP 1: Choose your studs and decide on where you want them to go.  You may have chosen spike-back studs like I have…..

STEP 2: Push the spikes through the fabric until they poke through the other side.  Check the stud is in the correct position…..

STEP 3: Push the spikes inwards so they grip to the fabric and fix the stud in  place

STEP 4: Stand back and admire…..Tadaaaaaaaaaaa!

Now go and root through your wardrobe and see what else you can stud up!
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