Lifestyle | 15th October 2015

We Run Paris

Whilst in Paris for Fashion Week I was invited to test out a new running technology from Nike; AeroReact.  This new technology is a fabric which is uniquely engineered to detect changes in a runner’s temperature.  We’ve all been there, you head out for a run, and within minutes of building up your speed you overheat, quickly shedding layers of clothing as you go just to keep cool.  The body also undertakes a process called Thermoregulation, in simple terms, we sweat (or as I like to say, we glisten…sexier right?).  The body releases sweat that evaporates to help the body maintain an optimal temperature, and this bodily function is essetnial to sustain significant speed over distance.

This is where Nike AeroReact comes into play.  This responsive and lightweight fabric supports the body’s Thermoregulation capabilities by detecting moisture vapour and expanding it’s structure to maximise breathability.  It’d pretty genius if you ask me and yes, I’ve tried and tested it….and it works!

AeroReact Top
Leggings with reflective technology
Sports Bra (unseen)

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