Beauty | 30th March 2011

Tutti Frutti Nails






To create these summery ‘Tutti Frutti’ nails I applied a base coat of Sally Hansen Diamond Strength to keep my nails in good condition and then I applied two coats of No.7 ‘Peach Glaze’ Speedy Dry Nail Colour (from Boots).  This colour is stunning and has gold flecks running through it which sparkle when they catch the slight, much more subtle than a glitter polish.  I then applied a coat of Rimmel’s super-wear top coat and applied the fruit decorations (with an orange stick) directly onto the wet polish.  This acts as a glue and bonds the decoration to the nail without using a solvent which can damage not only your nails but your polish job.  Once the fruits had set, I applied one more coat of Rimmel Super Wear to ensure they had a gloss coating and extra staying power.  The fruit decorations can be bought off eBay and there are hundreds of styles to choose from, not just fruit!  So many sellers sell these decorations on eBay and they can often come in the form of a fymo stick which you simply thinly slice into each decoration (the ones I have were pre-cut).  Give it a try!

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