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Top 5 Summer Sweatshirts


As you all know I'm not one for wearing colour but there's something about pink in Summer which get's me all excited.  This super cute 'Good Vibes' sweatshirt is perfect for throwing on for a Summer's evening.  I imagine sitting on a beach around a bonfire, wearing a pair of Levi's denim cut offs and this sweatshirt whilst some uber cool dude strums away at his guitar.  I don't live like this, although growing up in Cornwall that's exactly what I used to do in my teens so maybe this sweatshirt has a touch of nostalgia for me.  However you'd wear it, it's cute and it's got my vote.

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Top 5 Summer sweatshirts

2 Isabel Marant Etoile

Maybe you're not about the cute Summer slogans, maybe you're all about those brand logos, because trust me there's no escaping them this season.  This Isabel Marant Etoile sweatshirt is made from a lightweight linen which is the perfect breathable cover-up for Summer.  I've chosen the white here but as I mentioned in yesterday's post Black is actually the coolest colour to wear in Summer so you'll be pleased to know that it is also available in black.  Think of this as more of a long sleeved t-shirt, tuck it into a pair of jeans or denim cut offs, add a belt and some ankle boots and you've got a casual but chic Summer outfit.

3 Wildfox

When it comes to Summer slogans Wildfox reigns supreme 🙌🏼 With all the 'Saved By The Bell' 90's vibes and their washed out fabrics this brand has Summer sweatshirts (and t-shirts) nailed.  It was a difficult task trying to pick just one but I settled on this 'Beach Bum' slouchy sweatshirt which can be worn off the shoulder.  With an oversized fit and 90's pastel colour palette this sweat reminds me of Summer in Miami and LA.  I may have just added this to my basket 😉

Top 5 Summer sweatshirts
Top 5 Summer sweatshirts

4 Warehouse

This lemon sweatshirt from Warehouse is coming in at no. 4.  I wouldn't size up in this sweat if you want to tuck it into a pair of jeans or cut-offs, stick to your normal size.  Add a black belt as pictured for a 'cool girl' look and wear with some trainers.  If you love the preppy vibe then you could layer the sweat over a shirt and stick the collar out of the neckline, it's very Abercrombie but it works for Summer.

5 Paige

Hoodies fall in the sweatshirt category as far as I'm concerned and as a teen I used to live in hoodies.  To be fair even now when I'm at home working I usually have a hoodie on and in Summer after a BBQ we light the fire pit, I grab a cosy hoodie and I settle back in my chair for the evening.  Have you ever seen a more beautiful hoodie than this floral appliqué number from one of denim faves Paige.  This guys is where you upsize, when it comes to hoodies the bigger the better 🙌🏼 Although again if you want to tuck it into a pair of cut-off then stick to your normal size.

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