Fashion | 13th January 2017

Top 5 Cold Weather Coats

Here in London we've had our first flurry of snow, and yes it wasn't a big deal but I'm very aware that many of you live in much colder climes.  And after having recently been to New York I totally understand the annual struggle many of you have to find a cold weather coat which doesn't look like the ugliest piece of clothing on earth.  So today I've compiled my top 5 cold weather coats.

1. Uniqlo (As worn above, I'm wearing a size M)
I bought this coat before heading off to NYC and it was perfect for the occasion. Uniqlo have a few different options when it comes to down filled coats but I opted for the 'Ultra Warm' as I really struggle with the cold.  The 'light weight down' is available here and is much lighter with a belt around the waist.  Sadly my coat sold out on the UK site (Still available on the EU site) but you can always try in store and keep your eyes peeled on the site for re-stocking. Also available in Black, Beige and Wine.

2. Canada Goose
Yes they are expensive, but Canada Goose coats have to mentioned when talking about cold weather gear.  Ok granted there's no specific design features about these coats that stand out but I would opt for a classic black version like this one.  I don't wear fur so this one is perfect as it does not have the fur trimmed hood.  If you want guaranteed warmth these Canadian made coats are your best bet, made to withstand temperatures of up to -70 degrees celsius.

3. Noize
I recently discovered Noize through Instagram, they are another Canadian company because if anyone knows about cold temperatures it's the Canadians!  They have a great range of ladies coats and jackets with styles varying from puffers to more of the traditional ski parka.  The price points are also very appealing coming in at under £100.  In the UK they do seem a little tricky to get your hands on as the brand doesn't have it's own online shop, however they available to buy on these websites:
Nordstrom Rack
Burlington Coat Factory
Wilsons Leather

4. La Redoute
Now you don't have to thank me guys but this down filled coat (available in 4 colours) is currently at 60% off and 70% off for the black, making them all under £60.  The key to a warm coat is that it covers the thighs so always opt for a longer length like this one.

I love this dark camouflage parka and although it's not down filled it is made from a tightly woven jacquard fabric which will ensure that heat stays trapped inside the coat.  This coat steers away from the 
traditional and I think that's why I'm so drawn to it.  

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