Fashion | 26th April 2011

This Week, is Primark Appreciation Week!

I have had the laziest few days over this gloriously sunny bank holiday, so today I needed to do something productive with my last day off.  What did I do?  Well, I went to the mecca we all call Primark!  A Primark visit was way overdue to be honest and I couldn’t have gone on a better day…delivery day!  As I went into the store there were about 10 rails all with brand new (not-out-on-the-shopfloor-yet) clothes still in their wrappings fresh from delivery.  This is a joy I cannot put into words. 
I hit them rails like a fly around…well, you know.  I trudged around for a meer 30 minutes and my oh my did I get some amazing bits!  I often find Primark can be a tad hit ‘n’ miss and it can take hours of navigating through department to department to find something of any worth.  That said, today’s visit shall go down in history as my best yet.
In aid of today’s little spree (little as in £138.50’s worth) I am declaring this week as ‘Primark Appreciation Week’ on EJSTYLE.  As a token of my love for Primark, all posts this week will feature (mainly) Primark goodies.  I shall be styling today’s purchases up to the max and I couldn’t be more excited, so make sure you come back and check the blog each day this week for my posts!  The first post will be this evening so keep your eyes peeled.

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