Fashion | 15th January 2015

The Sports Edit

I’m fully aware that the fitness themed posts should have come at the beginning of January, but in all seriousness…I’m British, so naturally lazy and New Years resolutions pretty much go out the window until this depressing month of January is over.  I’m getting married this year (errr hopefully when I actually start to plan it!) and I want to be the best version of myself on my big day so I would like to tone up a few places on my body; arms, legs and tummy.  So over the next few months there will be a little flutter of fitness/wedding related posts and hopefully you guys will like seeing how I’m progressing as I go on.  But you can’t start working out until you look the part, right?  So I’ve compiled these little edits of some of the sports wear that I’ve currently got my eye on.

Shop each of my edits by clicking on the square icons, it’s that easy!


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