Fashion | 25th August 2015

The Neutrals Edit

All hail the Neutrals! Hands down this is one of my favourite trends, but even when it’s not a ‘trend’ I feel as though it still is, it’s just an unspoken one.  Classic is the word we tend to use when describing neutrals and it is just that.  A neutral piece is a forever piece and will transition throughout any season, and any year.

I know some of you will beat the smug, I-am-childless look of my face at the mention of little people.  In terms of practicality, yes neutrals aren’t great, and if you have kids a pair of off-white palazzo trousers might not be top of your list but this is where the beauty of the neutral colour palette comes into play.  There’s a vast scale of neutrals and they include plenty of darker shades for you to work with.

I’ve compiled a little list of neutral toned pieces just to give you guys some food for thought on the whole neutral topic, so let me know what you think; Which pieces are you loving? Are you going to try the trend? Would you go head to toe neutrals? Are you a frequent neutral dresser?

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