Fashion | 9th December 2018

The Missoma Gift Guide

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If you're trying to hunt out a gift for a woman in your life, whether it be Mum, Sister, BFF, or that work colleague who just get's you through the day, I've got you covered with this guide to all things Missoma.  Most of you will already be familiar with my undying love for Missoma Jewellery.  It's a brand I've been wearing for about 3 years now and I can honestly say that it's become a real staple of my personal style.  I feel naked without my jewellery and I am rather fond of layering necklaces, switching up my ear party and stacking those dainty rings.  So when it comes to the season of giving I always want to spread that love around!



Missoma offer a complimentary engraving service which I think is a great option when buying a gift, it just adds a more personal touch.  There are a few 'pre-made' designs/symbols to choose from such as Zodiac Constellations (like my Leo necklace that I'm always wearing - see below) along with different fonts so you can add a personalised message, initials or even a special date.  You also have the freedom to create your own engraving using the freehand drawing tool (this option can only be used on the large disc pendant).  One of my followers got in contact recently as her husband had a design by their 3 year old daughter engraved on to a large disc pendant for her birthday and she was absolutely besotted with it, and I thought that was such a lovely idea.

Engraving options are available on whole range of their pieces here.

Meaningful Gemstones


Missoma isn't just gold horns and fangs, it's so much more than than, although don't get me wrong, I'm all about the gold horns and fangs.  Their Meaningful Gemstones collection was released last year and I was quick off the mark to pick up a few pieces for myself.  Despite not being the most spiritual person in the world I actually quite enjoy reading about what each gemstone means and what it can bring to your life.

Birthstones are another great choice for a more personal gift, just make sure you know what month your special someone was born otherwise that could be a tad awkward if you gift the wrong stone for their birth-month.  The birthstone pendants are also available to buy separately so if you fancy creating your own piece of jewellery by layering pendants then these are a great option for doing that.

Under £50

Under £100

Under £200

My Must-Haves


I've been collecting Missoma pieces for the last 3 years and I definitely have my favourites and go-to my staples.  If you know someone who is looking to start a jewellery collection to dress up their outfits then these are the pieces which I would have on my must-have list.


Rose Gold


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