Outfits | 23rd August 2013

The Lost But Not Forgotten

After having an intense conversation about unworn items of clothing with my friend Jai’me (Boy Meets Fashion) the other night, I realised it might be time to start wearing these pieces that at one point, I liked enough to part with my money for.  This blazer is a prime example!  It’s from Zara…Obvs (As if I wear anything else!) and it’s actually 5 years old.  I wore it once for a blog post almost as long ago and never since.  Unfortunately this sad tale of neglect goes further than this blazer, there are items in my wardrobe dated possibly longer than 5 years but still have wearability.  It is possibly the hoarder within me that just struggles to throw things away but when it comes to clothes, everything has it’s purpose…so it stays!  I’m sure many of you are the same, so here’s the challenge; Hunt through your wardrobe(s) and find a long lost and forgotten about item of clothing and friggin rock it today!  Go on, show it some lurrrrve!

Blazer – Zara (Old).     Tee – ASOS (Old).     Jeans – Zara (Old).     Necklace – Primark (Current).
Satchel – c/o Emerge Ltd /Marlborough World (Current).     Shoes – Kurt Geiger (Current).
Sunglasses – Primark (Old).
Colour on nails
Nails Inc – ‘Bare’ (Exclusive for InStyle Magazine)
(‘Elizabeth Street’ is the closest shade now available)

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