Fashion | 31st October 2012

The Little Black Jacket

On Sunday I dragged Simon along to the Saatchi Gallery on Kings Road to take a look at the much talked about ‘Little Black Jacket’ exhibition.  I’m not going to pretend to know about either art or photography in a professional sense but anyone can appreciate the beauty of a Chanel LBJ.  Under dim sepia tone lighting the photographs taken by Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld were displayed modestly (in my opinion).  Each photo is simply pined in each corner to the wall, all perfectly in line.  It was much like a Chanel wall of fame, actors, musicians, super models, it’s got them all.  Obviously I had a few favourites, SJP, Anna Wintour and Freja Beha (as a Chanel Nun!).  Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to try and re-create some of these images using high street LBJ’s so stay tuned!  The exhibition is on in London until November 4th, I would definitely advise going!  It’s free admission and you get a free poster at the end…bonus eh!

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