Fashion | 3rd March 2013

Sunday Star

I woke up this morning and headed down to my kitchen to let Bella and Bean in the garden and as I glanced out of my kitchen window, the garden was full of birds!  Spring really is here!  My garden is now not-so-full of birds because two excitable chihuahuas have scared them all off, but it was nice to enjoy for a few seconds.  We have some blue sky over here in SE London too, so all is boding well for a lovely day…apart from the 3 degree temperature of course!  Have a Happy Spring Sunday guys 🙂

Coat – Next (Old).     Sweatshirt – Zara (Current).     Jeans – Primark (Current).
Bag – Marks & Spencer (Current).     Boots – Dorothy Perkins (Old).     Hat – Forever 21 (Old).
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