Fashion | 27th April 2013

Suited, But Not Booted

If I could hurl a giant turd at the people at BT, I would, but I believe it’s considered uncouth by many so for now I’ll just have to virtually bash them via all forms of social media.  I have been without the internet super highway for about a month and their service has been utterly shite.  However a very nice engineer has now fixed the problem and I. Am. Back!  Please, save the round of applause (mwhaaa).  Hope everyone is well!  There’ll be daily posts to get through the backlog for the next few weeks now 🙂

Blazer – Primark (Current).      Trousers with belt – Primark (Current).     T-Shirt – Celine.
Clutch Bag – eBay.      Shoes – Kurt Geiger (Current, Sale).      Sunglasses – Primark (Current).

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