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SS19 Handbag Trends & Affordable Examples

Now that we're officially in Spring I thought it was about time to start discussing some of this season's fashion trends.  Now, as you all know I don't follow trends religiously.  I experiment here and there and if a trend comes my way that I like then yeah, I'll roll with it but if it's something which doesn't float my boat then I steer well clear.

To ease us in to the season ahead I thought I'd start with bag trends.  Bags and accessories in general are the perfect way to start to integrate a new season into your wardrobe even if the weather hasn't quite caught up with the season yet.  Today's post is extremely budget friendly and features 4 major bag trends for the season with a decent amount of affordable examples for you to feast your eyes on.

Emma Hill style, off white duster trench coat, wint green shirt, light wash jeans, tan leather woven bag, gold mini marie necklace, Spring outfit

Outfit Details
Trench Coat - Topshop     |     Shirt - Yesstyle     |     Jeans - Topshop
Necklace - Monica Vinader     |     Bag - Zara

1.Woven Bags

When the sun finally breaks through the grey gloom of Winter and the showers of Spring I find myself opting for openly woven bags like this one from Zara.  I haven't found myself shopping at Zara in months but I do check the site regularly, for research obvs, and I stumbled across this little Woven Tan Bag and couldn't help but break my Zara prohibition.  It's been inspired by Belgian brand Dragon Diffusion who's range of woven leather bags are absolutely stunning, in fact I am currently awaiting the delivery of my first Dragon right now.

Most woven or lazer cut bags tend to come with a little cotton or canvas pouch inside the bag to prevent items escaping but it's worth mentioning that this particular one does not come with such a perk.  There is a canvas drawstring at the top to close the bag but not to prevent seeing the contents so my tip would be to either make (out of an old shirt or canvas shopping tote) a little pouch to pop inside bags like this or buy a cheap canvas make up bag to pop inside.

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2.Straw/Natural Bags

Even the most basic outfits can be transformed into something a little more season-appropriate with the addition of a Summer accessory.  This classic black and tan look is causal as you can see by the trainers.  The trench coat gives it a slightly more Spring vibe but for the most part it's a very Autumn/Winter colour palette.  The addition of this Straw Bag by Mango is in keeping with the casual tone but just updates the look for this season.  Natural/Straw bags are incredibly versatile so they work with any colour although granted I'm all in favour of those neutrals.
This is great example of how to incorporate a Summer accessory into an outfit even if the weather isn't quite bringing you those Spring vibes.


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Straw bag with wooden handles, tan trench coat, black raw hem jeans, Veja V-10 trainers

Outfit Details
Trench Coat - Mango     |     Jeans - Topshop     |     Trainers - Veja     |     Bag - Mango

Emma Hill style, nude blazer, bleach light wash straight leg jeans, Black wooden beaded handle bag, black mock croc slingback shoes

Outfit Details
Blazer - Topshop     |     Jeans - Topshop     |     Shoes - Topshop     |     Bag - Topshop

3.Mini Bags

It's ironically one of the biggest trends in accessories and has been for a good few months now.  The rise of the 'mini-bag' stemmed from new cult brands like Jacquemus and by FAR and is yet to see signs of fading away.  It's probably the most impractical trend to come our way but I guess that depends on how much you like to carry around with you on a daily basis.

Whilst in Japan I used mini bags almost every day. I only had my phone, my card holder and room key with me so they were the perfect solution for exploring a city.

This Jacquemus inspired Mini Bag from Topshop has a wooden beaded handle (also available in tan) and makes quite the statement without being loud or garish.  Sadly it doesn't come with a shoulder strap for "cross-bodying" but hey, it looks so darn cute I kinda don't care.


Find some more options which I sought out online here:

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4. The Baguette

This little bag has made a massive comeback and it's all thanks to Baguette OG Fendi.  The Fendi Baguette was first released back in 1997 and then shot to fame after Carrie Bradshaw was seen sporting one in Sex and the City in 2000.  Named the Baguette because it was designed to nestle comfortably under the arm, much like the French and their bread baguettes, talk about a cliche eh?

You might have seen that last year I bought myself a Vintage Fendi Baguette 'Mumma' (A larger version of the classic Baguette) because in my eyes, it had always been a cult classic bag, and notably very practical in the slightly larger size.  Last year the cult brand by FAR (as mentioned above in 'Mini Bags') brought out the 'Rachel' bag which has exploded into the fashion scene with great success.  Whilst in Japan I found myself this little by FAR dupe in a random little shop and it set me back about £25.  I have since done some digging and found what I believe to be the same bag on Asian retailer Yesstyle here, you're welcome!



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Emma Hill style, mint green trench coat, button up collared shirt, mock croc cream baguette bag, white jeans, gold necklace, Spring outfit ideas

Outfit Details
Trench Coat - Mango     |     Jeans - Topshop     |     Top - H&M     |     Necklace - Holly J
Bag - Bought in Japan but identical here

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