Outfits | 25th October 2013

Primark Pas Givenchy

Well done, yet again, to Primark!  They have created this Givenchy-easque Bambi sweatshirt for only ten of our British pounds.  Hoorah!  I’ve styled mine up in the most givenchy way possible, cinching in at the waist with a thin belt and blinging up with a glitzy skirt and accessories.  I’d also like to try this with some leather trousers and see how it can be grunged up.  Either way it’s a bargain and is bound to sell out fast so to avoid paying double the price for it on eBay, get yours now!  I got mine yesterday in the Marble Arch store on Oxford Street.

Sweatshirt – Primark (Current).     Skirt – New Look (Old).     Bag – eBay.
Belt – Primark (Old).     Necklace – Primark (Current).     Boots – Primark (Old).

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