Fashion | 7th February 2013

Only Fools & Horses

Now there is a bit of a story behind this coat.  When I first moved in with Chimp, just over 4 years ago, I had to deal with the entire contents of his wardrobe (something I had never been a fan of in the first place).  From underneath a pile of elasticated bottom Adidas trousers (Shudders at the thought) I could see a hint of faux fur.  This needed investigating!  When I dragged the offending item out, it turned out to be this coat, which in all honesty, I was uncontrollably repulsed by!  I thought it looked like one of Del Boy’s cast offs and must be removed from our apartment ASAP.  The coat stayed.  It only ever had one public outing during our time together and now four and a bit years on, we live in this lovely house and both thought it time for a wardrobe clear out.  Mine resulted in two garden refuse sacks full of clothes, shoes and bags and his…half a single bag.  Of course I had to sift through his bag to vet everything he’d chosen for the ‘no pile’ and inside I saw the same hint of fur peeking through a pile of old t-shirts.  I was quite sad, it’s something he’d never wanted to through away but at the same time, he never wore it.  These bags of unwanted clothes have been sat on our landing for some time now as they’re too heavy for us to walk up to the nearest animal charity shop, and one day after browsing through several other fashion blogs I decided to try this Only Fools and Horses coat on, aiming for an over-sized  boyfriend coat kinda look.  I think I like it.  So now I wait all day in anticipation of that one text “You’ve stolen my coat!”.

Coat – Full Circle (Old).     T-Shirt – Primark (Current).     Jeans – Primark (Old).
Boots – Chockers (Old).     Bag – Balenciaga.      Bracelets – New Look (Current).
Colour On Nails
Miss Sporty – Shade 320
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