Fashion | 11th November 2012

New Look Marble Arch Re-Opening

So Friday brought the long awaited re-opening of the New Look store at Marble Arch.  I loved this store anyway, after all, anywhere with a giant staircase covered in mirrors is a winner in my book.  Unfortunately the mirrors have gone but the store is a vast improvement!  Ladies if you love shoes, then get down there ASAP!  Their shoe department is incredible, very well laid out, stocked with full size ranges and not to mention the opulent chandeliers that hang over the seating area…totes made me fell like a VIP!  As for the rest of the store, it’s jam packed, not in an over-crowded kind of way, but more so in a ‘Eeeeeeek, I don’t know where to look’ (Accompanied by girly squeals of excitement) kind of way.  There’s plenty of inspiration in the form of their well dressed mannequins which are dotted all around the store and everything is very accessible and easy to find.  Accessories are at the bottom of the grand staircase or as I call it…’The Stairway To Heaven’!  As always I was eager to sniff out the jewellery section as I am a big fan of New Look jewellery as their prices are so reasonable and they have some amazing, on trend pieces.  All the Jewellery is located near the long line of tills (which come Xmas shopping time is going to be a friggin godsend!).  Anywho I’ll stop rabbiting on about how awesome it is and let you see for yourselves.  As I went to the pre-opening event i was lucky enough to get 50% off, so it’s safe to say I raided the place!  Stay tuned for the next week’s worth of blog posts as I’m sure I’ll be head to toe in New Look 🙂

I was wearing…

Coat – Zara (Current).     Trousers – Zara (Current).     Jumper – New Look (Current).
Boots – Matalan (Current).     Necklace – Primark (Current).
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