Beauty | 18th March 2014

NAILS: Watercolour Brushstrokes


You might remember these nails appearing in a post I did at the end of February and quite a few of you asked for me to do a tutorial on them.  Unfortunately I did only have these nails on for one day as I do change my nails almost every day unless I’m testing the wear-ability of a certain nail polish for a review.  So I didn’t take any pictures or video how I did them but I thought I’d just explain it quickly because they really are so simple and easy to create and very effective looking.

1.  You just need to start with your base colour, obviously white is the best option because all colours will show up vividly on top of white.  Here I used ‘Blanc’ by Essie and applied a good 2 coats to get a really opaque base.  If you have a selection of metalic nail polishes then it could be quite cool to do a dark base coat and layer the metallics on top of that, but as it’s spring, I like the lighter contrast.
2.  Then you need to select the colours you want to stripe on your nails, I chose 4 different colours and as you can see I based them around the colour scheme on the top I was wearing.  You’ll need something you can dab a small amount of each polish onto to create your own little artists pallet, I just use the lid of a cotton bud pot.  You’ll also need a thin nail art brush (Primark do a set for about £2), or you could use nail art pens, but I have a feeling most people have more nail polish colours than they do in nail art pens so using polish will give you more colour options.
3.  Dab a couple of drops of your first colour (I normally do the darkest colour first) onto your makeshift pallet and lightly coat your nail art brush in the polish, wipe off any big ‘blobs’ as this will not make a nice brushstroke.  Starting at the cuticle swipe your brush up the nail.  I have done about 3-4 strokes on each nail depending on the size (you can fit much on a pinky!).  Repeat this step for each nail and the clean your nail art brush before going to on to the next colour.
4.  Then the creativity lies in your hands, once you start using your other chosen colours the masterpiece you create will be pretty unique.
5.  I always finish the look by sealing it all in with a coat of Seche Vite Fast Dry Topcoat which also leaves the nails looking super glossy and will prolong the life of your artwork 🙂

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