Fashion | 15th April 2011

MY WIN…Halston Serena Silk Dress

Well guys the last 10 minutes were the most intense ever! I recorded myself waiting for theoutnet.com £2 birthday sale to begin, so I will edit that now and post it up asap!  It’s hilarious, Ive just been watching it back!  When 8:12am hit, the sale began!  I could barely move the mouse pad my hands were trembling so much!  I entered the sale, panicked at the amount of amazing things I saw, first clicked on a YSL sequin jumpsuit, when was I ever going to wear this? LOL!  I thought better and moved on, I then saw a bright flash of yellow and the heavenly word ‘Halston’!  I clicked with tremblings hands.  IT40 was available, BUY BUY BUY! I did it!  So I didn’t even get past the first page, I’d imagine there was loads of amazing goodies but once you checkout you cannot re-enter the sale so what I don’t know, won’t kill me 🙂

This is what I have won:
It’s a Halston Serena Dress in groegous Birght Yellow silk.  I got it for £2 and when I got to checkout there was FREE delivery (THANK YOU OUTNET!) so it literally was £2!  I will certainly be doing an outfit post with this gorgeous number….this S*** really is bananas!

Here’s a couple of screenshots of what the sale looked like.  The second one is my dress…YAY!

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