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My Top 5 Summer Fragrances

Summer is in full swing and what better way to combat that 'eau natural' scent than with some Summer Fragrance.  So today I'm sharing with you my top 5 Summer Fragrances from my own collection, and ones that I actually use.  If you've seen any of my vlogs or my home tour video over on my YouTube Channel then you might have seen my mighty fragrance wall which is fully stocked with about 50 different fragrances.  I've had a fair few requests to create a fragrance collection video and I might still get around to filming that but for now I've picked out my favourite scents for Summer.

1. Le Labo - Rose 31

Le Labo believe in the power of the fragrance and not so much about the fancy packaing and "fluff" of a fragrance, which is ironic because it's this simplicity which has boosted them to fragrance fame.  One fragrance, Santal 33, has been incredibly popular and already earned itself a 'cult product' title, adorning the bathroom shelves of bloggers and beauty buffs alike.  However, it's Rose 31 which has made it on to my Summer Fragrance list.  The brand describes the fragrance as an ambiguous mix of masculine and feminine and it's so true, you get a real androgynous feel from this scent and for me it's the perfect woody 

Top Notes: Centifolia Rose
Middle Notes: Cumin, amber, cedar, olbanum
Base Notes: Gaïac wood, cistus. 

2. Tom Ford - Neroli Portofino

Neroli Portofino has been a Summer favourite of mine for the last 2 years so it of course had to be on this list.  I have yet to visit Portofino but every time I spray this I am instantly transported to the Italian rivera.  It's fresh, and sweet thanks to the Neroli, but most importantly it resembles Summer.  This is my ultimate holiday fragrance and it goes on every single Summer trip with me, regardless of the destination and lasts all day long.  This is quite a strong fragrance, but in my opinion it's not a bad thing at all.

Top Notes: Sicilian lemon, Tunisian neroli, winter yellow mandarin
Middle Notes: Lavender, orange flower, rosemary
Base Notes: Amber

3. YSL - Blouse

This is one of my most recent fragrance obsessions and was only released a couple of months ago.  Blouse is one of a collection of fragrances from Le Vestiaire Des Parfums, each of which interprets a signature piece from the YSl wardrobe.  As the name would suggest Blouse is a feminine and soft fragrance.  It's not too strong or overpowering which makes it perfect for day to day wear during Summer.

Top Notes: Pink pepper, bergamot, balganum.
Middle Notes: Angelica, damask rose.
Base Notes: White musk, cashmeran.

4. Glossier - You

You might have heard some fragrance experts say that each fragrance will smell different on different people.  Well with Glossiers first fragrance, You, this couldn't be more accurate.  The formula comes incomplete because they believe the most powerful ingredient is in fact, you.  It's strong on the base notes which are designed to melt in with your skin, but top notes of pink pepper and iris root add a vibrant Summer lift.  This is definitely one of those fragrances where I'm not sure what it is about it, there's just something that pulls me in.  Another great day to day fragrance for the Summer months.

Top Notes: Iris root, pink pepper
Base Notes: Ambrette, ambrox, musk

5. L'Artisan Parfumeurs - Histoire D'Orangers

For me Histoire D'Orangers is a very simplistic fragrance.  The sweetness of the Neroli is calmed down by the orange blossom, musk and white tea leaving me with a very fresh Summer scent which isn't overpowering.  Again it's another great day to day fragrance but is also something I would use for an evening as the first 3-4 hours of this scent are by my reckoning the best.  The orange blossom is sweet without being sickly and if you're after a more subtle and calm alternative to the Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Fragrance, then this is perfect.

Top Notes: Neroli, White Tea
Middle Notes: Orange Blossom, musk
Base Notes: Tonka bean, ambroxan 

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