Fashion | 10th January 2013

MUA: Fur Effect Nails

Nail art has reached a new level of ‘How freekin’ cool is this?!’  It was back in the summer that I discovered MUA whilst going on a nail varnish spree in Superdrug.  I think you’ll all remember me banging on about the blue mascara (Ala Stella McCartney) that I got from MUA for £1!  Well since then I have been slightly addicted to the more than affordable cosmetics brand.  After following them on the book of face I saw a post about these fur nails and a new product they were bringing out.  Well, this is it, ‘Fur Effect Nails’, basically a little pot of fur, simple yet genius!  They are available in 5 different colours, all with super-cute names; ‘Fluffy Bobbin’, ‘Boo Boo Fluff’, ‘Fluff & Cuddles’, ‘Fluffy Puff’and ‘Fuzzy Fluff’.  The one I decided to try was of course the ‘IT’ colour of the season which is a deep plum shade (aka ‘Fluff & Cuddles’).  It’s pretty simple to use and super quick, but here’s a link to their website and video to watch their ‘How To’ Guide.  The little pots of fluff are a decent size and cost £3, available now in Superdrug and online.  I can’t wait to try the other colours next!
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