Fashion | 25th January 2013

Monochrome From The Past

One of my mottos is to ‘never throw anything away’.  OK so it’s no YOLO, but I’m no Drake!  I mean from my wardrobe.  I might eBay the odd item or donate a few items that no longer fit to a charity shop (always an animal charity!) but never throw something away.  I’m not even a cautious buyer, I’m pretty impulsive when it comes to shopping.  If I see something I like then I’ll pretty much buy it.  I’m also useless at trying things on, I prefer to get to know a brand so I always know my size, trying on is far too much effort and wastes precious shopping time.  The point of this post is to show that even the oldest of items in our wardrobes will come back around.  The monochrome trend is so huge for next season and it’s a pretty simple look to put together.  Last week I had a huge ‘cleanse’ of my wardrobes and organised them all top to bottom.  In the process I found all sorts that I completely forgot I had and so I figured “why not try and create some outfits with these?”
The top was from Zara over two years ago and I think I might have worn it once, the trousers are from Topshop about four years ago and to be fair they are my ‘old faithfuls’ as I do wear them all the time (even though they really need replacing now).  I’ve put this outfit together aiming for a simple monochrome, slightly sports chic look and updated with neon and new accessories.

Top – Zara (Old).     Trousers – Topshop (Old).     Necklace – H&M (Old).     Bracelet – eBay.
Shoes – Kurt Geiger (Current).     Bag – Zara – Old.
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