Outfits | 4th November 2013

Monday Blues

I‘m having a rather relaxed day today because I’ve got so many press days and events to come over the next few days!  I’m sorry to feature these amazing printed trousers which you can’t actually buy any more because they are actually about a year old from New Look but I just remembered I had them last night and knew I had to wear them with these Nelly shoes.  I’ll have a hunt on the internet super highway to see if I can find some similar ones for y’all (yeh havin’ a Britney moment!) if you like this look 🙂

Hat – H&M (Current).     Jumper – H&M (Current).     Trousers – New Look (Old).

Sunglasses – Primark (Old).     Bag – Zara (Old).     Shoes – Nelly (Current).
Ring – Primark (Old).

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