Fashion | 24th October 2011

Marble Nails

This is my second attempt at doing Marble Nails.  This one hasn’t turned out as great as my first attempt but I still like the effect.  That’s the beauty of this technique, you always get a different look, so it’s always unique.  There are some great nail art blogs out there which have great videos to show you how to do this but I’ve done my own step by step guide for any of you wanting to try this look.  I used Barry M Gold Instand Effects as my base coat, then I used black and white to marble.  It takes a bit of practise and I think some nail varnish brands work better than others but have a go and see what you think ♥

This is what you will need:
♥ A container of some kind (or you can use a cup/mug) filled with water

♥ Cotton wool buds (Q-tips)
♥ Your chosen nail varnishes
♥ Nail varnish remover

Step 1:
Using your chosen nail colours. Pour them onto the surface of the water. Just a few small blobs will do, as the colour will spread out across the surface of the water when it makes contact.

Step 2:
Using a cotton wool bud, dip it into the water and swirl around to make your desired pattern.

Step 3: Dip your nails into the water through the pattern on the surface.  The nail colour will stick to your nails and probably your fingers too!

Step 4:  Use your nail varnish remover and cotton buds to wipe away the excess colour which is no doubt all over your fingers, and there you have it…Marbled nails ♥

The colour possibilities are endless, take at look at some of these pictures for inspiration 🙂

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