Fashion | 9th June 2011

‘Like’ This Look With LOOK Magazine

LOOK Magazine launched a new feature on facebook for fashionistas across the land!  They call it ‘Your Look’ and you simply upload a picture of your look to their facebook page or Twitter and they add it to a photo album on Facebook.  Fans of LOOK can then vote (‘like’) the pictures in the album and the fashionista with the most ‘likes’ becomes featured on LOOK Mags website with a jazzy little write up. You can enter each week with a different look 🙂
I have entered every week since it started and I have received alot of ‘Likes’ however I haven’t won yet 🙁  This week I am second but there is still time for me to get in the lead!  I ask all of you EJSTYLE fans and followers out there to do me the biggest favour ever by clicking ‘like’ under my look here.
It would mean the world to me to be featured on LOOK’s website and could do the blog the world of good by increasing traffic so I can spread my fashion soul to an even wider audience.

A Big THANK YOUUUUUU to all those who have already voted 🙂
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