Outfits | 15th September 2013

LFW Day 2

Day 2 at London Fashion Week brought some nice (ish) weather, or at least no rain, hurrah!  So this brought out the wondrous glory that is…my legs (lolz!).  I wore a blue metallic feather A-line dress by Almost Famous (Thank you for letting me wear that!) with Kurt Geiger Heels, a Warehouse Celine-esque bag and a H&M reefer coat.  I saw 3 shows, Holly Fulton, John Rocha and Ashish, all of which were incredible in their own way.  If we start with Holly Fulton (My first show of the day), who’s retro collection quite simply blew me away.  I love anything that resembles the 60’s/70’s and this collection was just that.  A-lines-a-plenty (My favourite cut of all time!), light wash denim, printed fabrics teamed with over-sized sunglasses and fan clutch bags.  The models hair was curled and swept to one side, and on the face; a gold lip and lilac eyes.  Just beautiful!
John Rocha was my next show and elegance at it’s best.  We saw florals, sheer fabrics and some quite incredible millinery work.  I was seated for this show so these aren’t my best pictures as the bald gentleman sat in front of me steals the shot in most, but I’ll upload a video I took on my phone later as it’s much better.  
Finally it was Ashish and quite possibly the coolest thing I’ve seen…ever!  It’s quite ironic that Ashish has just made the ‘carrier bag’ cool, however it’s safe to say these will definitely cost more than 5p!  This show had everything and I mean everything; a Warrior king and queen, animal print, ripped denim, sequins, sheer fabric, arabic text, carrier bags, more sequins, stripes, checks, bejewelled slippers and mis-matched socks!
I only did a couple of Street Style shots for Day 2 because I was busy doing the shows, but I plan to do more today.

Holly Fulton

John Rocha


Street Style

Marsha Campbell aka London Tall Girl


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