Outfits | 12th May 2014

Lazy Day

Our first full day in Tenerife we had a lovely breakfast right on the sea front.  My new obsession is pancakes, Nutella and bananas, it was the most delish thing I’ve ever eaten for breakfast in my life!  We were still pretty tired from all the travelling the day before and we’d made plans with some friends for the Sunday so we literally wanted to chill out by the pool all day….and that’s what we did.  I whipped out my Vogue and my Triangl bikini and lazed around in the sun, working on my tan.  We had a spot of lunch later on in the day and I went Lizard spotting, once I found one I was besotted with the little creatures.  This then turned into a tradition that every time we would go to a restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner I would save a bit to feed to the lizards on the way back to our resort.  I sat on a rock for a good 10 minutes waiting for them to take food from my hand but apparently my clown feet scared them away so I just had to leave little bits along the walls for them.  I did manage to get close enough to snap my little friend below who I named  Ernesto…it suits him don’t you think?

Dress – Ganni c/o MyWardrobe.com*
Bikini Top – Triangl*
Bikini Bottoms – H&M
Sunglasses – Ray Ban
Bag – ASOS*
Sandals – Primark (Similar here)
Colour on Nails & Toes – Essie in ‘Blanc’
Items marked with an * have been gifted or purchased with a gift card from that brand

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