Beauty | 20th January 2016

January Beauty Favourites

At the start of the month I promised you guys that there would be more varied content here on EJ|Style and that included more beauty.  So here is the first instalment of a new monthly beauty feature; Beauty Favourites.  Each month I’ll be creating a post with all my beauty faves for that month, we’re talking make-up, skin care, fragrance and gadgets!

I haven’t shared much beauty content with you guys over the last eight years but this isn’t because it’s not an interest of mine, I’m a woman for Christ’s sake so of course I love gabbling on about lipsticks and nail varnish.  My focus has always been fashion but I understand that beauty plays a big part in the fashion industry so it’s about time I jumped on board the beauty bandwagon!  I hope you find today’s post useful and maybe you might discover a new product which you fall in love with as much as I have 🙂

My first two items this month are both by Estee Lauder.  I had a meeting with them just before Christmas and they kindly gifted me with a few products to try and guess what…I fell in love with them!
The Advanced Night Repair is a cult product worldwide and I’m so happy I’m now in on the (not so) secret!  I apply couple of drops to my fingertips and massage into my face and neck every evening.  It has the texture of a serum but it just melts into the skin almost instantly which means you can leave it until the last minute and still hop into bed without a bad case of ‘sticky face’.  When I wake up in the morning I can certainly notice a difference in my skin, it feels so hydrated and it looks even in tone and feels soft to touch.
I’ve always found it difficult to find a moisturiser which I can get along with, and not because I have difficult/problem skin, I don’t, I’m just quite fussy when it comes to smell, texture, stickiness and even packaging (it’s got to look pretty right?!).  The Revitalising Supreme ticks all my fussy boxes and it  leaves my skin super soft and with a radiant glow.  I apply about 15 minutes before I apply my make-up in a morning so it has plenty of time to really soak in and it really makes a difference to how easily my foundation (see below) can be applied.

Make-Up Base

I’ve been chopping and changing foundations over the last couple of years, I went from Dior Star to Bourjois Healthy Mix, to L’Oreal Matte to Bobbi Brown Serum, back to L’oreal but Lumi Magique and now I’m currently using Estee Lauder Double Wear (finally!).  There are some products out there which have a lot of hype but when it comes to actually trying them out they let you down, Double Wear was not one of them.  I’ve been using this for about a month now and I love it, it’s no wonder it’s the nations #1 foundation!  I have the shade Ecru (1N2) and it perfectly matches my skin tone which means it’s super easy to blend.  I would definitely advise getting shade matched at an Estee Lauder counter because it’s so important to be wearing the right shade of foundation.  Now I’ve heard some reviews which say this is too heavy as it is medium to full coverage but it really does depend on the application.  I tried this out with a foundation brush and I was not a fan at all, it was in fact far too heavy for my skin, but there was so much product on my face so that’s why.  The great thing about Double Wear is that you can build it up to your desired coverage depending on your skin type or if you’re just having a bad skin day.  

My Double Wear application technique involves another favourite of mine this month; Urban Decay Vitamin Infused Complexion Prep Spray.  I use a sponge applicator (either Real Techniques as pictured here or a Beauty Blender) which I spray with the UD prep spray to make the sponge slightly damp.  I apply a small amount of the Double Wear to the back of my hand and apply the foundation from there.  There’s no rubbing involved it’s simply dabbing the foundation onto my skin until it’s even.  I find this method really changes the way my foundation looks, it’s not heavy at all, for me it’s the perfect coverage and it uses the smallest amount of product, bonus!

– Lasts all day
– Easy to blend
– Low SPF (10) – so no moon face with flash photography making this a great wedding foundation for any of your brides-to-be out there
– Beautifully packaged
– A little goes a long way, each pot should last you a good few months!

– May be too heavy for some skin types but do try out different application methods before dismissing it

I have to be honest I will probably switch to Double Wear Light in the summer months when I’m lucky enough to have a tan and my skin needs to breathe a little bit more.

I don’t wear eyeshadow every day but when I do I like to create a smokey look for evening or something more neutral for during the day.  I never used to stray away from my trusty Naked Palettes but once I discovered C.A.K.E eyeshadows I found myself cheating…big time!
C.A.K.E is a new brand and is actually specifically designed for darker skin tones so their products are very highly pigmented.  I have two eyeshadows, a metallic gold called ‘Gold Front’ and a chocolatey brown shade, ‘Date Night’ which is great for creating  more subtle smokey eye than with a harsh black shadow.

The perfect Flick
Another Estee Lauder product that swiftly been added to my daily routine is this Little Black Liner.  If there’s one thing we’re all in search of, it’s the perfect eyeliner.  The rise of the feline flick has brought us so many different liner products; gels, pens, pencils and liquids.  I’ve gone through about 20 different liners and never felt 100% happy with any of them, until now.  The little black liner is a double ended liquid liner pen.  One super thin nib for detail and precision on one end and a thicker flat nib for a chunkier look on the other, so it’s perfect for whatever kind of flick you like to sport.  It stands the test of time and lasts all day and I personally find it incredibly fool proof to use, as I’m not particularly dextrous when it comes to make-up application.

As I’ve mentioned before, my brows are tattooed on by Tracie Giles (Best thing I ever did!). I do have brow hair but some areas are thin and uneven so the tattoos balance them out and save me so much time on a daily basis. I still need to maintain my brows like everyone else and this Brow Tamer gel from Urban Decay is perfect for setting them in place. It’s completely clear and has a small brush applicator. I sweep this up my brows a couple of times and that’s it, my brows are done for the day!

I’m really not very adventurous when it comes to lip colour. I own hundreds of lipsticks, I just don’t wear them. For me it’s either red or nude. I’ve had this Bourjois lipstick (Shade 39 Pretty In Nude) for about 8 months now and it’s always my go-to nude lip colour. Every once in a while I try one of the new additions to my collection but I always come back to this.  It’s more of a rosy pink nude and has a gorgeous matte finish and what’s more it doesn’t dry out my lips like most matte lipsticks.

I contour as part of my every day make-up routine and I’m currently using this face contour duo from Sleek (shade: Light).  For me the contouring powder is just the right shade and the highlighter is my absolute fave (as you can see it’s almost gone!).  I’m finding many highlighters these days have a pinky tint to them and I hate this, it makes me feel like I’m 6 years old, but this one is much more neutral and you can build it up depending on how ‘strobed’ you want to be. It’s pretty handy that both powders within the duo suit me so it saves carting around 2 separate palettes and makes it much more travel friendly.

Make-Up Removal

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that work best, in this case literally!  I have tried so many different Micellar waters and to me there doesn’t appear to be much difference other than price.  I did find a couple of them stung my face a little which was not very welcoming but I’ve finally settled on a very cost effective and kind to skin Micellar water by Simple.  I use this every night to cleanse off the make-up and dirt from the day and I will probably use around 4-5 cotton wool pads to make sure I’m fully cleansed, because at the price of about £4 you don’t need to be sparing.  If I’ve been wearing heavy eye make-up or liquid liner then I remove that first with the Eye Make-Up remover from the same range.  I don’t find it stings my eyes like most and it really does a good job of sweeping away all the residue without having to harshly scrub on my eyes.


Over Christmas I accumulated so many new perfumes and you know what, I don’t think you can ever have too many because the fragrance you wear can depend on your mood and the occasion.  My all time favourite scent which I have been wearing for the last 2 years is Chanel Chance Eau Tendre and despite collecting others along the way that would always be my go-to, for any occasion.  However, something new has crept onto my dressing table, Amber Musk by Aerin.  For those of you not familiar with the brand, Aerin is Estee Lauders Grand Daughter and she has a very welcoming range of products from hand creams to body wash, fragrance and cosmetics. One thing that really makes Aerin products stand out is the packaging, it’s so beautiful, totally dressing table worthy!  Amber Musk is a warm fragrance, but not in a spicy sense, it’s creamy and sweet, it’s inviting ‘like a soft cosy blanket on a cold snowy night’ as Aerin herself describes it.  Perhaps in Summer I will resume with Chanel but for now, I want the cosy blanket of Aerin!

This post was shot with the Olympus PEN E-PL7 with the 75mm Lens using a tripod and the remote function

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