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January Beauty Favourites

One of my new years resolutions was to share more of my beauty secrets, tips tricks and faves with you all.  So each month I will be sharing a breakdown of my latest beauty faves.  I will be integrating some more beauty content in between these ‘Favourites’ posts so if there’s anything in particular you would like to see, ie. every day make up, skin care routine, how I style my hair…just leave me a comment below x


Clinique Sonic Cleansing BrushFoaming Facial Soap

For the last 2 months I have been using these products to cleanse my face every evening and I don’t know how I every survived without them!  I have to admit I used to be a little lazy when it came to skin care, I would just remove my make-up with a baby wipe and then go to bed but over the last 6 months I’ve really started to up my skincare game and I boy can I see a difference.  The sonic brush is timed so you can’t over-do it, I use it for 2 cycles, each one is 30 seconds.  It removes all traces of make-up, and completely unclogs my pores along with a daily exfoliation.  The bonus of this is that it’s completely waterproof so you can even use it in the shower.


NYX Lip Lingerie

I might be a little late to the party but I recently bought 4 shades (listed below) of the NYX Lip Lingerie matte lip cremes.  I don’t wear a lot of colour on my lips, in fact my taste in make up is very similar to my taste in clothes, I’m all about those neutrals.  The shades I have gone for are all very similar nude/pinky tones but as with all make-up, us girls can tell the difference 😉 These lip colours are great, they make your lips feel like velvet and the staying power literally blew my mind…they survived a burger eating session that’s all I’ll say.  If matte lips are your thing then I couldn’t recommend these enough.

Shades from left to right:


Kerastase L’Incroyable Blow Dry

It was my hair stylist, Natasha at Sassoon, who recommended this product.  She always uses it on my hair before she styles it for me and I always used to think it was that ‘hairdresser magic’ that meant my hair would stay in such perfect form for much longer than when I do it myself.  Not to discredit Natasha but this blow dry lotion definitely has something to do with it.  As you will have seen I wear my hair in loose waves and these can drop out pretty quickly in certain weather conditions. Kerastase to the rescue!  Not only is the hold much stronger than any product I have tried before but with a special technology this lotion reactivates with heat so there’s no need to re-apply, avoiding a build up of product.  There’s no sticky or stiff residue so your hair feels soft and silky, just as it should.


Tom Ford Illuminating Powder Duo

I adore Tom Ford make-up, after discovering the collection last year my obsession has grown tenfold.  If there’s a new product then I want to try it and I haven’t been let down yet.  Out of all the products that I have from the collections this illuminating powder duo is something I use on a daily basis.  Essentially it’s a contouring kit, with a dark powder for the contour and a light shimmering powder for the highlights.  What I love is that the darker powder even has a slight shimmer to it and it creates the most gorgeous and subtle contoured look.


Estee Lauder New Dimension Hand Cream

I suffer from incredibly dry hands during Winter so I always go through tubes and tubes of hand cream.  I used to be a budget hand cream kinda gal, I used Vaseline, Nivea, Superdrug own brand but as soon as I tried out this Estee Lauder hand cream from the New Dimension range I was sold for life.  This is now my second tube of the season because I use it on average about 10 times a day; first thing in the morning, every time I wash my hands and once before bed.  It’s absorbs quickly and is so nourishing, leaving my hands soft with an even the skin tone.  I was once told that your hands can give away your age and now that I’m in my 30’s I like to preserve them as best I can.


Redken High Rise Volume Shampoo & Conditioner

I recently had hair extensions fitted and so I’m not able to use a lot of the hair products I used to use.  Simply because some contain a lot of moisture and this can affect the longevity of the extensions.  I was recommended this Redken Shampoo & Conditioner by the girls at Vixen & Blush (Hair Extension salon) because it’s great for creating volume and the formula of the shampoo is perfect for micro ring extensions like mine.  After now having used these products for a couple of weeks I’m hooked!  My hair has the most amazing shine and if you lack natural volume to your hair like me then these products work wonders in that department.


Maxfactor Lasting Performance Foundation

I just love it when a drugstore brand comes out with something amazing and this new Maxfactor foundation is the absolute shizzle!  Not only is this foundation designed to last all day but it’s non-transferable, so it won’t come off on your clothes.  If like me you love a white shirt, or a light coloured roll neck sweater this stuff will be your saviour.  I tested it a couple of weeks back by wearing a white shirt all day and when I got home my shirt collar & neckline was still immaculate and the foundation didn’t require any touch ups for the evening.  It’s probably not the kind of foundation I will wear in summer as the coverage is a little heavier that what I would choose to wear but for all those seasons in between, this is a winner!


Estee Lauder Modern Muse Nuit

I always do a terrible job of describing fragrances and I’m sure this occasion will be no different, but it’s tricky to describe a scent when the scent makes you feel a certain way.  That’s what I love about fragrances, they are often memories or feelings.  I received this Modern Muse Nuit fragrance before Christmas and I wore it all over the festive period and it was the only perfume that I took with me to New York.  Every time I wear it, it evokes memories from our New Year in New York.  It’s an oriental floral scent with notes of rum accord, jasmine, musk, amber and sandalwood, it’s a sexy fragrance and that’s the way it makes me feel.  Just head to your local Boots or department store and give it a test because it’s not just the scent, it’s the feeling it evokes.


Rodial Super Acids X-Treme Hangover Mask

You all know that I don’t drink so I’m fortunate enough not to suffer from the dreaded hangover, however I am a workaholic and I often spend 3 or 4 nights a week working into the night.  Come the weekend I’m often shattered and it’s become a little ritual in this household that we have a face mask on a Sunday evening.  It’s another ritual that sets me up for the new week ahead. After cleaning the whole house, changing the bedding and all the other Sunday chores, I like to cap it off by relaxing on the sofa with this Rodial super acids mask. This rub off clay mask exfoliates, improves the appearance of fine lines and any dreaded wrinkles, helps reduce shine, improves hydration and boosts the radiance of my skin. It’s like having a re-set button for my face, now if only I can find a_ pause button 😉


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