Fashion | 2nd May 2013

I’m In My Late 20’s & Rockin’ A Crop Top

I may be in the latter end of my 20’s but who said you can’t still rock a crop top?  Fair enough this trend appears to have been adopted by a barrage of 12yr olds all sporting either neon crops or ‘Nerd’ emblazoned ensembles accompanied by these show-your-butt-cheeks shorts.  I personally think it’s either one of the other, preferably never the butt-cheek shorts.  It’s a shame they’ve taken the ‘less is more’ theory too literally.  Ahhhh the youth of today.  I’m easing my way into crop tops with this rather safe black number from Forever 21.  What do you think?  Are you going to be rockin’ a crop top this summer?

Skirt – Zara (Current).     Blazer – Primark (Current).     Crop Top – Forever 21 (Current).
Bag – Balenciaga.     Shoes – Nelly (Current).     Sunglasses – Primark (Current).
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