Fashion | 14th April 2011

I Won a Ticket!!!!!

Words cannot express the sheer joy that has just overcome me!  Picture this…so I was sat with my laptop on my knee doing some blogging, when my iPhone vibrated.  My iPhone and I have a close bond and I understand it’s communications, this was an ’email vibrate’.  For the past week I have religiously been checking my emails every hour, even though my iPhone is set to sync every 15 minutes automatically, for one of these tickets.  I gave up hope yesterday on getting one of the 2000 tickets for this amazing birthday celebration.  I had even resorted to writting a twitter suicide taken over by my misery….suicide via jaffa cakes that is!  So, back to the story…I glanced at my phone, glistening away in it’s hot pink Marc Jacobs case and thought “yeh i’ll check this email, see what it is”.  I reached for my phone, (press) menu button, (slide) unlock, Mail.  The next series of events is still a bit of a blur, lets just say there was heavy panting and girlish squeals.  Once I recovered from the initial shock of seeing the words ‘You’ve just won a ticket’, I looked a Chimp sat by my side and beamed with glee.  “I’ve won a ticket!” I whispered like it was the most important secret of all time.  Secret it is not as I have already tweeted and updated my Facebook status but the most important thing of all….yes it really is!  I cannot wait for tomorrow, I had to share this little bit of news with you all and tomorrow will come a post of what I manage to bag for £2!
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