Fashion | 26th January 2013

I See A Pattern Emerging Here

At last the weekend is here, although it makes sod all difference to me as I work in retail so I don’t have a ‘weekend’ or ever get that ‘Friday Feeling’.  The good news is that I do have Sunday off so will be out and about blogging.  I’ve got a really cool shoot coming up for my own version of ‘the Little Black jacket’ so look out for that, I’ll keep you all updated on Twitter.  I’d just like to drop a quick ‘Thank You!’ to all my followers and readers this week, whether it be officially on the blog, non-officially or on any of the sites I post my looks to as your comments and support have been overwhelming and I’m so glad you enjoy my blog and hopefully find maybe a slither of inspiration somewhere.  

Coat – Next (Old).     Jumper – Zara (Current).     Shorts – Primark (Old).
Trainers – Boohoo (Old).     Ring – Forever21 (Current).     Bracelet – Forever21 (Current).
Tights – Primark (Current).     Hat – Forever21 (Current, Sale).

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