Fashion | 25th April 2018

How I Feel About My Body

Body confidence.  It's a topic hot on everyone's lips these days what with social media being the catalyst of all things both positive and negative on the subject.  I haven't ever shared any views I have about my body with you guys before so I thought I'd just jot down a few rambling thoughts and feelings.

Do I feel confident?  To a degree yes, but to a degree also no.  I suppose it depends on where I am, what I'm doing and who I'm surrounded by.  In a room full of Victoria's Secret models I'd probably be hiding by the buffet, and by hiding I mean stockpiling.   For the most part I'm pretty confident, I'm a UK size 8-10, I fluctuate between those two sizes.  I get asked my diet and gym secrets all the time as you all see what I eat, but I'm sorry to tell you there are none, I've always just had a fast metabolism.  I eat what I like and the only exercise I do is walking the dogs.  Plus I'm pretty cheap when it comes to transport so I barely ever use Uber which involves even more walking.  In Summer believe it or not but I actually eat less burgers and fried chicken, it's just too hot and I enjoy a refreshing salad, and because my metabolism is so fast I tend to lose a bit of weight, even when eating all those chocolate biscuits.  I've always been slim and I've never had to work out to stay that way, however when I hit the 31 mark I did start to notice that I was putting on a little bit of weight and my muscle tone went, I thought my lucky run might be over.  I gained weight on my arms and a bit on my back but no where else, I really wish it would all go to my boobs, I've never been 'blessed' in that area.  I sometimes think that because I have a 'thigh gap' people think I'm 'perfect' (no such thing FYI) but that's not the case.  For example, I have cellulite, I have it on my thighs, my arse and even a bit on my stomach, I have zero abs.  In fact I don't really have much muscle definition anywhere, bar maybe my calves.  This does bother me a little, would I like abs?  Yes I think I would.  Clearly I need to go to the gym (of which I have a membership but haven't been in 9 months) as I've heard you can't just buy abs off ASOS, gutted as I have unlimited next day delivery. 

With social media it's very easy to curate the images we post and we have the luxury of picking the very best out of the bunch, the rest stay well and truly hidden.  I don't use Facetune or photoshop for adjusting my body but I am a fan of a good angle!  I'll post a bikini shot first thing in the morning when my stomach is flat, I'll use a grain over my images both because I like the look and it does have a smoothing effect on skin which is an added bonus.  Some filters can also have the same effect.  Tanning, self or natural, is also a great way to disguise any cellulite and of course the right lighting conditions.  The right lighting can be a saviour, the wrong lighting can make me want to hurl my phone at a wall.  But I just want you all to know, that this goes for most people on Instagram, only posting the best version of themselves.  

I don't follow any 'fitspo' accounts because to be honest their content isn't really my thing, if I see a plate of Kale that's it...put a fork in me, I'm done.  I enjoy food, I love it in fact and so I think fitspo accounts are a bit pointless for me to follow.  I do however follow a few travel bloggers, you know the ones, they're all normally vegans and have insane bodies, yeh those people.  Now, they don't really make me feel bad about myself, I often look at those bodies and think 'WOAH, you look insane' but I know what they do to get those bodies (in terms of diet and fitness), and there sure as hell aren't many burgers involved, so I'm more than happy to not look that way.  If anything they might momentarily spur me on to go to the gym in the morning but by the time 7am rolls around I'm straight into that pack of dark chocolate covered digestives with a cup of tea, dunking not squatting.  

The bottom line is that I'm quite happy as I am, but if I ever feel like I want to improve, which I probably will as I get older or should we ever have children, then I'll start hitting the gym and eating a bit better...but just a bit.  Because it's down to me how I look and how I feel, no one else.  I think it's really important to be happy in your own skin and I know some of you might be thinking 'that's easy for you to say, you eat burgers and fried chicken constantly'.  Well, yes I do, but everyone is different and I've been speaking a lot about comparing ourselves to others recently and the same advice applies to this topic as well.  Don't compare yourself to others, if you want something you don't have, work for it and it will all be worth while.



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Blazer - H&M (Also similar here and here)

Jeans - Paige (affordable alternative here)

Crop Top - Forever 21

Bag - Loewe

Choker Necklace - Cinco

Middle Necklace - Cinco 

Long Chain - Missoma, worn with this Pendant 

Watch - Cartier

Sunglasses - Ray Ban (Affordable alternatives here and here)

Shoes - ASOS (Old but similar here and here)

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