Fashion | 19th October 2016

How to Recycle Your Wardrobe

Since coming back from my honeymoon road trip I have had a pretty full schedule and not really had any time to go shopping so my Autumn wardrobe is looking a bit 'samey' to me.  However, there's a lot to be said for Wardrobe Recycling and this week I've been putting myself to the test to see how I can create some new looks using my existing wardrobe.  This is where those classic staples come into play, this tan suede jacket for example.  I bought this jacket last Autumn from Forever 21 and I remember the reaction it got from you guys because most people would never have thought F21 would be the place to buy genuine suede.  This jacket is well made, it's a gorgeous shape and cut, not the traditional biker style, and what's more is that it cost just short of £60!  I've checked the site to see if they might have had a few remaining but sadly they have all gone but I urge you to check out F21's genuine suede selection because it's incredible value for money.  I've also linked some other tan suede jackets below because this is a wardrobe staple that I now cannot live without.  Ok a suede jacket might not be all-weather-friendly but on chilly but dry Autumn days it's the perfect cover up.

My collection of Levis has pretty much doubled after coming back from the States but today I'm recycling my fave pair from the Summer which were these slightly cropped and distressed 501 CT's whichI bought in the sale (there are still a few sizes left here).  Jeans, especially my Levis, tend to be something I wear time and time again so they are constantly being recycled into fresh outfits.

Some of you might recognise these boots from Zara (I've found a similar pair here) from last Autumn/Winter.  I actually forgot I had these until a recently 'shoe cleanse' where a large amount of shoes had to be evicted from my collection because I lost some under-bed storage when we bought a new bed.  I actually created this whole look around the boots because I had been dying to wear them again before the weather turns so grim that suede is just a 'no no'.

You'll have to let me off for the knit because this is actually new, from Zara, and I picked it up whilst running (literally) through Gatwick Airport.  Even when you're about to miss your flight theres always time for a quick tax free Zara run right?  However I do keep a lot of my knits from previous seasons if they are unique or expensive.  With Zara knits I keep them for about 2 Autumn/Winter seasons and then they head for the bin or charity shop as they have most likely begun to bobble.

Don't get me wrong guys, it won't be long until I'm shopping and hauling on my Snapchat but there's an element of fun and creativity in playing around with your existing wardrobe, not to mention the financial benefits.  So before you head out for that payday shopping spree, maybe have a look through your wardrobe and a browse on Pinterest for some outfit inspo and see if you really NEED all those new pieces.

Outfit Details

Jacket - Forever 21 (Old but similar here)

Jumper - Zara (Similar here)

Jeans - Levis (Style: 501 CT cropped)

Boots - Zara (Old but similar here)

Bag - Gucci

Sunglasses - Rayban


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