Fashion | 2nd July 2012

How To: Caviar Nails

I have finally got round to posting this ‘How To’ for Caviar Nails.  Caviar nails are the latest trend in nail art and are actually rather simple and cost effective…although not hugely practical, they are great for a one off.

OK, so you will need:
– Caviar Beeds (buy here off eBay for a mahoosive bag full £1.99)
– Base colour (normally to matching the colour of beads you’re using)
– Clear Nail Varnish OR UV Gel and a curing lamp (the UV gel makes them last longer)

Shape and file your nails, Caviar nails look best on short nails…not long tallons.  Then you’ll need to apply your base coat.  In this case I used Barry M’s new shade Black Glitter (if using a darker shade like me then apply a neutral or clear base coat first to prevent nail staining).

Once your base colour is dry this is where the fun begins.  Get your bag of beads ready as you’ll need them to ‘dip’.  Coat your nails in a generous layer of fast drying clear coat, I suggest Boots No.7 clear.  While the varnish is still tacky dip your finger into the bag of beads (nail facing down) and apply some slight pressure so the teeny beads stick to the varish.  Remove your finger and using a cuticle pusher just press gently on all the beads and clear away any excess from around the edge of the nail.  Repeat for all nails and leave to thouroughly dry.
If you are using UV gel like me then apply a clear coat of builder gel and do the same, dip your nail into the beads.  Again using a cuticle pusher, press down on the beads and cure under the lamp for 3 mins.  You will have to cure each nail separately so this will take a longer amount of time.

STEP 3 (optional):
If you really have a lot of spare time on your hands you can coat over the top of the beads again with clear varnish just so they are really secure.  This will need further drying time and will need overnight to dry all the way through.
Then you’re done, enojoy the finished result!

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