Fashion | 4th August 2015

Holy Shit I’m Turning 30 So Someone Buy Me A Handbag

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So in just over a week’s time I will turn 30 years old.  It’s a huge milestone and one I’ve been dreading but with this number comes so much more.  At age 30 I will be getting married (September the 18th to be exact), I’ll also be going on the trip of a lifetime!  For our Honeymoon we’re flying Stateside, hiring a Mustang and exploring the land of the USA for a whole month and I can’t wait, I mean can you imagine the Instagram opportunities 😉

But it’s not just about what events happen in this decade of your life but how your mindset changes, and I’ve certainly noticed this over the last year.  I’ve always been an ambassador for affordable fashion, living by the motto ‘It’s not about how much it costs, it’s how you rock it’ and I still stand by that.  But I’ve noticed a growing appreciation for how well something is made, where it’s made and who by.  Don’t worry, I won’t be turning into a designer snob any time soon, and I’ll still be hunting out those dupes but from time to time, I will give myself a break and get that designer handbag that I’ve been lusting after.  Which leads me to my ‘Holy Shit I’m Turning 30 So Someone Buy Me A Handbag’ wish list, kinda rolls off the tongue doesn’t it?

Handbags are the one item (along with the occasional pair of shoes) which I don’t mind splurging on, BUT, yes there is a but, picking them is a very long thought process.  It has to be classic, timeless, a staple and not an ‘IT bag’ that lasts for one season only.  OK if you have the kind of disposable income to splash out on designer handbags every time you even sniff Harrods then cool, unfortunately I don’t have that luxury (but do you need a new BFF?) and a new handbag is actually a stressful decision to be made.

Top Tips for buying designer handbags

1. ONLY buy from accredited websites!  So many people get ripped off by being sold fakes and unless you’re paying by Credit Card there’s no guarantee you can get your money back. Net-a-porter, Harrods, FarFetch, Very Exclusive, LibertySelfridges, Harvey Nichols, Nordstrom, Shopbop, Bergdorfs, Saks Fifth Avenue, Yoox, The OutnetMytheresa, Lusia Via Roma are all fully registered sites…and you’ll get swanky packaging to make that purchase even more special.
2. Bag a bargain (pardon the pun!) and buy pre-owned.  My favourite sites to buy from are Vestiare, Designer Exchange, Fashionphile and The Real Real.
3. Beware of suede!  Suede bags are more expensive to up-keep and will require professional cleaning…A LOT!  Leather is a much safer option but if you are going for a lighter colour just be careful when wearing denim because denim stains are a nightmare to get rid of!
4. Once you have it, love it, wear it and show it off.  You didn’t pay all that money for it to be sat in a dustbag!

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