Fashion | 13th February 2013

Harry Potter Studio Tour

For Christmas Chimp got me two tickets to the Harry Potter Studio Tour.  To put it frankly, this was the best gift ever!  He’d booked the tickets for February 10th and I’d been counting down the days since Christmas day.  If you’re a Harry Potter fan and want to go then maybe this post might be a bit of a spoiler for you…..so only on this occasion am I encouraging you not to read my post.  If you’re not a Harry Potter fan then no doubt you’ll brand me a loser and be done with it.  I’ve always been a fan of anything mythical involving fantasy lands, magic and strange creatures; The Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal  Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and obviously Harry Potter.  I like to think on some level it might actually be possible for magical beings to live among us, if that were the case, I’d desperately want to be part of their world.  I put it down to being an only child and having an overactive imagination.
I won’t go too much into detail as my pictures pretty much explain it all, but this place was amazing!  Even if you’re not a fan then I’d still urge you to go as it was fascinating how much work goes into films like these and all of the different departments that create them.  I genuinely thought a lot of these films were created with CGI effects, but they actually have huge scale art departments and prop departments that make everything you see in each of the eight films (Including a huge model of Hogwarts and the grounds).  All the staff that work at the Studio Tour are HP genius’ and they literally know everything!  Anyway, enough from me, take a look at the pictures I took of the world I wish existed….

Unfortunately you aren’t allowed to touch…sniff or lick these outfits.  You might learn that the hard way.

Now that is a really Great Hall!

My favourite section….the animal actors!

Butterbeer was delish!

At the end of the tour there’s a room filled with handmade wand boxes each displaying the name of every single person involved in the making of these magical films.  Obviously I found Harry himself.

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