Fashion | 13th April 2011

Fringe Anyone?

Sat in the bath at 7pm on Sunday reading Vogue Mag, which I kindly received for free from H&M (BIG Thanks!), I made the abrupt decision to cut myself a fringe!  A tad rash you might agree, but seeing the results, for a first time fringe-cutter, I didn’t do too badly.  I climbed out of the bath, galloped downstairs and stashed the kitchen scissors in my pants, so the other half wouldn’t suspect anything! On a Health & safety note, I wouldn’t advise anyone else do this.  I sat on the floor cross-legged and pulled up my full length mirror.  The though of ‘youtubing’ ‘cutting your own fringe’ crossed my mind for about a second but I know my impatience too well so just thought “sod it, what can go wrong?!”.  I scraped a huge chunky of my hair to the front, checked it was relatively even and in one fowl swoop, sliced it off.  I opted for the longer fringe, this way if it was a complete disaster I could head down to my local Tony & Guy for them to execute a ‘Fringe Rescue’ on my handiwork.  
I am now in love with my new fringe and the fact that I cut it myself with a pair of what I can only describe as kitchen meat shears, yes shears, makes it all the better!  What do you guys think? 

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