Fashion | 9th September 2011

FNO – The Night In Pictures!

Me with fellow blogger Jai’me London Boy
What an incredible night!  I had the best time with the bloggers!  Naturally I took advantage of the free alcohol and by the look of some of my pictures, it hindered my judgement slightly!  Sorry in advance for any blurry photos.  It’s difficult to describe how FNO makes me feel, but I guess it’s kind of like being with my own kind, all united together.  We’re like wild animals being kept in captivity, but FNO is when we’re allowed to run wild and take over the centre of London, with high heels, expensive handbags and copious amounts of Champagne.  You lose any inhibitions you had about fashion and I personally feel right at home amongst my fellow fashion followers.   The mood is one of excitement and there’s an actual buzz in the air.  The only downside is that there is so much to do and see but so little time, 4 hours once a year just isn’t enough!  My highlight of the evening was the Hermes ‘Bangle Bowling’!  The que to take part in this incredible giveaway stretched down Bond Street so I didn’t take part but the idea of it was great and to watch it was highly amusing!  For Hermes fans the que would have been worth the wait, to walk away with a FREE, yes FREE Hermes bangle!  Other great attractions were the Dior black cab which stood like a Hollywood prop outside their Bond Street boutique, guarded by muscle!  Meanwhile at Charlotte Olympia there were hand painted shoes and spider web hats, at Smythson a handwriting analyst and Burberry was bursting at the seams and simply overrun with fashion types and a live band.  Many of the stores along Bond Street were invite only, Dior, Stella McCartney, DKNY and a few more…however we managed to sneak into DKNY but by this time the evening was winding down and I needed to sober up!  There was time for a quick photo in front of the yellow cab mural on the wall then off we went.
I just want to use this opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to all those bloggers/photographers/fashion types who complimented me on my style last night, I was overwhelmed and it means the world to me!
Enjoy the pictures…



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